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Necrosis Released

Posted on Apr 19, 2004 by in News |

Cadaver return to their roots with 35 mindbending minutes of necro death-thrash hell!!! On “Necrosis”, the band forgo the perpetual brutal turbo speed and black metal leanings of “Discipline” in favor of a more diverse and old school approach. There are plenty of warp speed drum patterns and ultra dischordant guitar velocities, so all you speed freaks not worry!

Although firmly rooted in the extremity of the early 90’s, “Necrosis” is fully overwraught with a dynamic and aggressive originality.

You can purchase it online from Plastichead

Here Are Some Quick Reviews:
“A master-class in skull-smashing old school evil…”
Dom Lawson – Kerrang

“Necro-filled blasphemous pilage.”
Brave Words & Bloody Knuckles