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Recorded live at the first Inferno Festival, April 14th, 2001 in Oslo, Norway. “Live Inferno” captures the live frenzy of Cadaver (Inc.) The band cuts through every song on their studio album “Discipline”. They also perform faster and more intense versions of classic songs, the anthemic “Mr. Tumour’s Misery” from the album “…In Pains” and a crushingly brutal version of “Innominate” from “Hallucinating Anxiety”.


01 Tuba (intro)
02 Die Like This
03 Murderhead
04 Rupture
05 Innominate
06 Primal
07 Deliverance
08 Snapper Organs
09 Mr. Tumour’s Misery
10 Point Zero
11 Killtech
12 Discipline
13 Manic
14 Reptile Robots

Line Up

Apollyon – vocals
Neddo – guitar
Balvaz – bass
Czral – drums

Album Info

Produced by NRK
Recorded & mixed by Eric The Aussie at Rockefeller Music Hall, Oslo April 2001
Released by Rapax Productions, 2002