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In Pains




While some cannot get past the progressive-ish constructions of these songs, in the right circles this album is hailed as a creative outpouring of Norwegian death metal in the Swedish style which incorporated influences from the surrounding countries in progressive and black metal. The result is a quirky album of fast turns and dead ends, sudden detours that end at one’s origin, and abrupt phantasmic appearances resolving to clear and simple melodic statements. Vocals are harsh in the death metal style but laconic in rhythm, lagging just enough behind to be commentators in the Atheist or Pestilence styles of prog-death. All playing is proficient or more. Hard to find but worth seeking.

– Ray Prozak


01 Bypassed
02 Mr. Tumour’s Misery –
03 Into the Outside
04 Blurred Visions
05 Runaway Brain
06 Inner Persecution –
07 In Distortion
08 The Misanthrope
09 Ins-through-mental
10 During the End

Line Up

Anders Odden – guitar, effects
Eilert Solstad – bass, doublebass
Ole Bjerkebakke – vocals, drums, flute

Album Info

Recorded at Rhythm Studios, Bidford, April/May 1992
Produced by Kjetil K├Žllen Johansen
Released by Earache Records, 1992