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Murder hasn’t sounded this good in a long time.

‘Discipline’ is a blunt schizophrenic metal mind fuck. 11 tracks totalling 38 minutes of extreme dissonance that grinds between the edges of death and black metal. Imagine old VoiVod on methamphetimes.

Savage and raw, “Discipline” was recorded live with very little post-studio mixing. No triggers. No keyboards. Just honest brutality.


01 Primal
02 Deliverance
03 Murderhead
04 Rupture
05 Die Like This
06 Point Zero
07 Killtech – mp3
08 Reptile Robots
09 Manic
10 Snapper Organs
11 Discipline

Line Up

Apollyon – vocals
Neddo – guitar
Balvaz – bass
Czral – drums

Album Info

Produced by Anders Odden
Recorded & mixed by Bjørn Fløystad at Sonic Electronic Studio, Oslo, November/December 2000
Released on Earache Records April 2001