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Abnormal Deformity




Cadaver’s first official demo “Abnormal Deformity” was released in 1989. This demo caused quite a buzz in the underground and with this tape they signed a deal with the Earache Records imprint label, Necrosis. This side label of Earache was run by Bill Steer and Jeff Walker of Carcass whom released another kult recording: Carnage “Dark Recollections”. It contains raw versions of Cadaver’s technical deathgrind that were later released on the album”Hallucinating Anxiety”.


01 Twisted Collapse
02 Corrosive Delirium
03 Abnormal Deformity
04 Erosive Fester
05 Cannibalistic Dissection
06 Hypertrophian

Line Up

Anders Odden – guitar
Ole Bjerkebakke – drums and vocals
Renè Jansen – bass

Album Info

Recorded at Kællen studios, Torp, July 1989
Released by Rapax Productions, 1989