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Cadaver was founded by Anders Odden and Ole Bjerkebakke in 1988. They signed a record deal with Earache Records in 1989, and released the first death metal record from Norway “Hallucinating Anxiety” in 1990. The record sold 10.000 copies, and is an underground classic which always is at high demand by collectors. The second album “…In Pains” was released in 1992, sold 25.000 copies, and everything was set for Cadaver to get a breakthrough. Cadaver was however put on ice in 1993. This was the year Norwegian black metal overshadowed everything else in the Norwegian underground. The band could not agree on where to go next.

The original line-up was intended to get back together at one point in time, but this plan changed when Anders Odden found the drum wizard Czral and old friend LJ Balvaz ready to join in 1999. Cadaver Inc. is born and frontman Apollyon known from Aura Noir, DHG etc. joined them in October 1999. They re-united with Earache Records and the album “Discipline” is released in Feb. 2001. This album held material left by Cadaver in 1993, as well as new songs.

They toured heavily in 2001 supporting Morbid Angel and Extreme Noise Terror as well as doing shows in USA. The album sold very well, and established Cadaver yet again as Norways most brutal and sick band. They promoted the album with the cybershop where customers could buy alibis for murder. The whole “murder cleanup” went crazy, but took away the attention on the bands music. This is the main reason for the band to be known as just Cadaver.

In 2004 they released “Necrosis” on Candlelight Records (home of Emperor, Khold, Blut Aus Nord, Dismember, and Zyklon to name a few) and toured extensively with Mayhem in Europe. Cadaver return to their roots with 35 mindbending minutes of necro death-thrash hell with “Necrosis”!!! On the album, the band forgoed the perpetual brutal turbo speed and black metal leanings of “Discipline” in favor of a more diverse and old school approach. There are plenty of warp speed drum patterns and ultra dischordant guitar velocities, so all you speed freaks not worry!



Apollyon – Vocals and Bass
Neddo – Guitar
Balvaz – Guitar
Czral – Drums



Abnormal Deformity 1989 (demo)
Hallucinating Anxiety 1990
…In Pains 1992
Primal 1999 (demo/EP)
Discipline 2001
Live Inferno 2002
Necrosis 2004